It is widely-known that coupling exists between adjacent through-silicon vias (TSVs) in 3D ICs. Since this TSVto-TSV coupling is not negligible, it is highly likely that TSVto-TSV coupling affects crosstalk significantly. Although a few works have already analyzed coupling in 3D ICs, they used Sparameter-based methods under the assumption that all ports in their simulation structures are under 50-Ω termination condition. However, this 50-Ω termination condition does not occur at ports (pins) of gates inside a 3D IC. In this paper, therefore, we analyze TSV-to-TSV coupling in 3D ICs based on a lumped circuit model with a realistic high-impedance termination condition. We also analyze how channel affect TSV-to-TSV coupling differently in different frequency ranges. Based on our results, we propose a technique to reduce TSV-to-TSV coupling in 3D ICs.


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