[Sideroblast content of the bone marrow at the end of pregnancy or 1st days of puerperium, respectively].


We examine in the last month of the pregnancy, resp. in the first week of their lactation period, the frequency of sideroblasts in the bone marrow of 265 pregnant women without iron or folate supplements. In 69,4% of the cases the frequency of sideroblasts was not more than 10% (in 34,7% of the cases sideroblasts were absent). After previously parenteral administered 0,6 to 0,9 g iron (10 to 15 Amp. Ferrlecit), iron was present in the marrow. In all examined megaloblastic anaemia of pregnancy cases and in 91% of praemegaloblastic cases, the marrow contained sideroblasts. If the number of sideroblasts proved increased (greater than 25%) the serum folate level was decreased (less than 4 ng/ml).


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