Understanding mobile banking individual performance: The DeLone & McLean model and the moderating effects of individual culture


Purpose – This paper investigates the effects of Hall’s cultural dimension on m-banking individual performance in the m-banking post-adoption stage. Design/methodology/approach – This article proposes using the DeLone and McLean IS success model moderated by Hall’s cross-cultural dimensions of high-low context and monochronicpolychronic time perception to evaluate the m-banking individual performance in the post-adoption stage. Findings – The results reveal that usage and user satisfaction are important precedents of individual performance, and the importance of the moderating effects of monochronic inclination between the usage and user satisfaction to individual performance. The system, information, and service quality affect user satisfaction positively. Originality/value – While the majority of earlier research focuses on potential adopters, this study seeks to understand the significance of cultural effects on m-banking individual performance in the post-adoption stage, as these are important to explain use and attract potential adopters of mbanking.


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